Why Rose Bears Are So Much Better Than Rose Bouquets

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Thinking of treating your wife or girlfriend to a bouquet of roses? Think again. While rose bouquets are beautiful and romantic, there's a gift choice out there that's so much better in a multitude of ways: a rose bear. As the name suggests, rose bears are teddy bear–shaped pieces covered entirely in artificial roses. A great rose bear is made up of hundreds of high-quality flower heads for a one-of-a-kind look that's sure to impress your loved one. Take a look at some of the reasons why rose bears blow rose bouquets out of the water.

Rose Bears Show You Gave It Thought

Rose bouquets are undeniably one of the most popular gifts people give to their romantic partners. However, popularity isn't always a good thing. Since these bouquets are such common gifts, women know roses are often the first gift idea that pops into a boyfriend or husband's head. As a result, when you give your partner a bouquet of roses, they'll likely assume you didn't give their gift much thought. Rose bears, on the other hand, are unique. They're growing in popularity, but most women are yet to receive one, and many don't even know they exist. A rose bear will be a gift that shows you put some thought into treating your partner rather than settling on the first gift you thought of.

Rose Bears Never Wilt or Die

Roses are a beautiful yet temporary gift. The average bouquet has a life span of just one week. While it's possible to make them last slightly longer by trimming the stems and changing the water every few days, this is time-consuming and rarely extends the life of a bouquet more than a few days. Before you know it, those pretty and expensive roses you gave to your wife or girlfriend will be a wilted, dead mess for her to clean up. Rose bears, on the other hand, have a clear advantage: they use carefully made artificial rose heads. Since these roses are man-made, they'll never wilt or die. A rose bear is a piece your partner can display forever, representing how your love for her will last forever too.

Rose Bears Won't Trigger Allergies

Allergies to pollen (known as allergic rhinitis or hay fever) are surprisingly prolific. In fact, around 18% of the Australian population suffers from a pollen allergy. While roses themselves are actually fairly unlikely to trigger an allergic reaction, they're often prepared in bouquets with high-pollen filler flowers like baby's breath. As such, if your partner suffers from allergic rhinitis, a rose bouquet may do her more harm than good. Another advantage of rose bears using artificial flowers is that they don't contain any pollen and therefore can't cause allergies, making them the perfect sneeze-free gift for wives and girlfriends with hay fever.