Top Five Reasons You Do Not Want a Free POS System

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Thanks to modern technology, it is now possible to cobble together a POS system for free. Using your smartphone or a tablet, a removable credit card reader and a cash drawer, you can easily make your own POS system.

However, there are compelling reasons to invest in a POS system or POS software rather than making your own. Here's a look at just a few of those reasons:

1. Paper receipts

In most cases, when you hook a credit card reader up to your tablet or mobile phone, it does not have the power to generate paper receipts. If you have customers who want receipts, you can email them one, but you have no recourse to anything but hand written receipts for people who want a paper receipt or for people who have paid in cash.

2. Convenient cash drawers

If you make your own POS system, you can just add any locked box to it to hold your cash. However, this can be cumbersome as you have to unlock and lock the box during every cash transaction. With a proper POS system, in contrast, you have a cash drawer that just pops conveniently open with each transaction.

3. Inventory tracking

With a quality POS system, you can have your shop's inventory linked right to your POS system. Every time you ring up a purchase, your inventory is automatically updated, and you can even set up some POS systems so the system automatically generates an ordering list so you can restock your inventory easily as needed.

4. Accounting software integration

In addition to integrating with your shop's inventory, a quality POS system can also be integrated with other software programs. For example, when integrated with your accounting software program, your POS software can upload how much cash you collect in a day as well as how many returns you process to your accounting software.

5. Support

If you make your own POS system, you are responsible for every aspect of it. If a problem occurs or if you cannot figure something out, you have to research and experiment on your own to fix the issue.

However, if you invest in POS software or a POS system, you often get customer support with your investment. That way, you can call or chat online to get your questions answered and help you figure out how to optimise your POS system for your business's success.

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