Types of Gun Safe Entry Systems

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If you have decided to buy a gun safe to keep your weapon from being stolen or from being handled by the wrong person, you are making a good choice. But before you can select the right kind of safe, you need to know what's out there. Gun safes come in several entry system types, so here's a quick primer to provide you with the information you need to make the best decision.

Lock and Key Safe -- One of the most popular types of gun safes, is the lock and key safe, which uses a standard lock and key to keep your gun from being accessed. Lock and key safes are good if you are single, and aren't worried about family members such as children, finding the keys and opening your safe. These safes often come with a spare key, and they are easy to keep track of, as you can put them on your car keychain, or keep them somewhere in your home where you can find them. Lock and key safes are portable, and many are now made to international travel standards, which means you can check them in when you're traveling as long as your gun has no bullets inside the chamber.

Biometric Safe --  A biometric safe requires fingerprint identification in order for the safe to open. They are easier to access than lock and key safes, because you just have to put your finger down on the scanner and the safe opens upon recognition. Biometric safes are beneficial if you have small children, because unlike a lock and key safe, these safes can't be accessed unless the safe reads the correct fingerprint. And these safes also allow you to input more than one biometric signature, which means that you can designate another person or several others to access the safe in your absence. Many biometric safes also have automatic shutdown if someone tries to access the safe more than three times with a fingerprint that isn't programmed into the system. However, the one disadvantage is that if the scanner goes awry, you won't be able to access the safe until a locksmith reprograms the system.

LCD/Electronic Safe -- An electronic safe features an LCD display and a keypad on which you input your access code to gain entry. These types of safes let you create multiple number codes. For example, you can create a three-numbered code, or for more protection, you can create a six-number code. You can also change the code monthly just for additional security, and most electronic safes shut down after someone enters in an incorrect code multiple times.

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