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Floral Bouquets for Pet Owners: 3 Types of Flowers that Are Toxic to Pets

When sending floral bouquets to the 63% of Australian households that own a pet, you need to be extra careful. Although these flowers are beautiful and may be harmless to human beings, they can be incredibly toxic for pets. It’s generally best to avoid incorporating flowers that are toxic to pets in bouquets for pet […]

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Top Five Reasons You Do Not Want a Free POS System

Thanks to modern technology, it is now possible to cobble together a POS system for free. Using your smartphone or a tablet, a removable credit card reader and a cash drawer, you can easily make your own POS system. However, there are compelling reasons to invest in a POS system or POS software rather than […]

Types of Gun Safe Entry Systems

If you have decided to buy a gun safe to keep your weapon from being stolen or from being handled by the wrong person, you are making a good choice. But before you can select the right kind of safe, you need to know what’s out there. Gun safes come in several entry system types, […]

You Smashed Your Phone—What Next?

It can happen in the blink of an eye. Your expensive smartphone slips out of your hand and lands with a “CRACK!” on the pavement. You bend down to retrieve it and you discover the screen has smashed. Oh no, the horror! Phones can be expensive, and the last thing you need is to have […]

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